Methylene Chloride / Dichloromethane

Product Name:Methylene Chloride / Dichloromethane

CAS No.:75-09-2

EINECS No.:200-838-9

Molecular Formula:CH2Cl2

Molecular Weight:84.933

Basic Information

Product Name Methylene Chloride / Dichloromethane
CAS No. 75-09-2
EINECS No. 200-838-9
Molecular Formula CH2Cl2
Molecular Weight 84.933
Fusion Point -97℃
Boiling Point 39.8℃
Flash Point -14.1℃
Density 1.325g/cm³
Appearance Colorless,transparent and volatile liquid
Application Used as solvent, extractant, mutagenic agent, Asymmetricsynthetic intermediates
HS Code 2903120000


Detailed Parameters

Item Specification Result
Appearance colorless clarity liquid colorless clarity liquid
Purity% 99.9min 99.92
Color(hazen) 10max 5
Water content% 0.05max 0.04
Acidity(as acetic acid)% 0.002max 0.0008
Density at 20ºC(g/cm³) 0.784-0.786 0.7851
Evaporation resuide% 0.002max 0.0008
Carbonyl value% 0.02max 0.0028
Sulfide content(mg/kg) 2max 0.3


Production Description

High-purity methylene chloride solvent with purity of 99.9%.Dichloromethane is an organic substance with a molecular formula of CH2Cl2. It is a colorless and transparent liquid with a pungent odor similar to ether.Slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol and ether, it is a non-flammable low-boiling solvent under normal conditions of use. When its vapor becomes a high concentration in high-temperature air, it will generate a weakly combustible mixed gas, which is often used instead of flammable Petroleum ether, ether, etc.



  • Methylene Chloride has the advantages of strong dissolving ability and low toxicity,   and is widely used in the production of safe film film and polycarbonate, while the rest is used as paint solvent, metal degreasing agent, aerosol spray agent, polyurethane foaming agent, mold release agent and paint removal agent.
  • Methylene Chloride is used as reaction medium in the pharmaceutical industry to  prepare ampicillin, hydroxypicillin and avanamycin, etc.;It is also used as solvent for film production, solvent for petroleum dewaxing, aerosol propellant, extraction agent for organic synthesis, foaming agent for polyurethane and metal cleaning agent for foam plastics production.
  • Methylene Chloride is mainly used in film production and medicine in China.



  • 250KG/DRUM, 80DRUMS/20’FCL, 20MT/20’FCL;
  • 270KG/DRUM, 80DRUMS/20’FCL, 21.6MT/20’FCL;
  • 26MT/ISO TANK.



Q: What is yourpayment terms?
A: T/T and L/C.

Q: What is yourminimum order quantity?
A: 20’FCL container.

Q: Which kind of package do you have?
A: Iron drums, IBC Drums, FlexiTank, ISO TANK and bags.

Q: How can I get samples?
A: We provide you samples for free, but you have to bear the expense of the courier charges.

Q: How long is your delivery?
A: Within 12 days after receiving the T/T deposit or L/C original.