Thiourea Dioxide

Product Name: Thiourea Dioxide

CAS No.: 1758-73-2

EINECS No.: 217-157-8

Molecular Formula: CH4N2O2S

Molecular Weight: 108.12

  1. Basic Information
Product Name Thiourea Dioxide
CAS No. 1758-73-2
EINECS No. 217-157-8
Molecular Formula CH4N2O2S
Molecular Weight 108.12
Melting Point 124-127 °C (dec.)(lit.)
Boiling Point 355.3±25.0 °C
Flash Point 168.7℃
Density 2.25g/cm³
Appearance White crystalline particles, non-toxic and tasteless
HS Code 2930909099



  1. Detailed Parameters


Items Unit Result Standard
(NH2)2CSO4 % 99.18 HG/T 3258-2010
CH4N2S % 0.07 HG/T 3258-2010
Sulfate % <0.17 HG/T 3258-2010
Fe % 0.0018 HG/T 3258-2010
Moisture % <0.03 HG/T 3258-2010
Heat Stability min 55 HG/T 3258-2010


  1. Production Description

As a substitute product for insurance powder, Thiourea Dioxide is an inorganic compound with strong reducibility, good thermal stability, convenient storage and transportation. The product can be used as reducing agent, bleaching and decolorizing agent, plastic stabilizer, organic synthesis antioxidant and photosensitive material effector. It has been widely used in printing and dyeing, paper-making and other industries.


  • Fiber Industry

Thiourea dioxide used in wool, silk, cotton and other natural fiber bleaching effect is very     good, especially in the weak alkaline environment is more prominent, the bleaching process does not damage the fiber, and the treatment of bleach waste liquid is relatively easy. Used for dyeing cotton, polyester and blended fibers, uniform color, washable, wear-resistant, fast sunlight, non-fading, high whiteness, less consumption, and low toxicity of waste liquid discharged. The use of urea sulfur dioxide color concentration is small, mild conditions, high degree of whitening, good glossy feel, solution stability, optional whitening dye wide. The polyester wool blended fabric was soaked in the mixture of urea sulfur dioxide and sodium tripolyphosphate, and the reduction washing effect was good. Because the reducing power of urea sulfur dioxide is stronger than other chemical preparations, the decolorization ability of dyes is strong, and can also be used for re-dyeing and cylinder body cleaning and other decolorization, the effect is good

  • Paper Industry  

Thiourea dioxide is used for pulp bleaching, especially the deinking effect of waste newspaper pulp is good, less consumption, safe and stable, easy to operate, no corrosion to equipment, small pollution to the environment.

  • Film Industry

In the film industry, the sensitization of silver compounds has been improved by the use of urea sulfur dioxide, antifouling agents as sensitizers, or reducing agents using heavy amino fuels.

  • Additives In Detergent

Adding an appropriate amount of urea sulfur dioxide in detergent can improve the solubility of protein, not only enhance the detergent decontamination ability, bleaching effect, but also can remove rust, blood and other dirt on clothing.

  • Organic Synthesis

Thiourea dioxide can make aromatic nitrocompounds, azo compounds reduced to amine, quinone reduced to hydroquinone and some dyes reduced to colorless derivatives. Urea sulfur dioxide can also reduce carbonyl compounds, alkyl, naphthenic, aryl, heteroaromatic ketone compounds to secondary alcohols. Urea sulfur dioxide can also be used to extract platinum, silver, uranium, rhodium, iridium and other rare metals.


  1. Packaging & Storage
  • 25kg/bag, 880bags with pallet, 22MT/20’FCL

25kg/bag, 920bags without pallet, 23MT/20’FCL

  • 1000kg bag,with pallet, 20MT/20’FCL


  1. FAQ
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    A: Iron drums, IBC Drums, FlexiTank, ISO TANK and bags,
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