Dimethyl Formamide

Product Name:Dimethyl Formamide

CAS No.:68-12-2

EINECS No.:200-679-5

Molecular Formula:C3H7NO

Molecular Weight:73.09

Basic Information

Product name Dimethyl Formamide
CAS No. 68-12-2
Molecular Formula C3H7NO
Molecular Weight 73.09
EINECS No. 200-679-5
Melting Point -61 °C
Boiling Point 153 °C
Flash Point 136 °F
Density 0.948 g/ml
Application Used as analytical reagent, solvent of ethylene resin and acetylene or chemical raw material
Appearance Colorless and Transparent Liquid
HS Code 2924191000


Detailed Parameters

Item Specification
Purity ≥% (GC) 99.9
Methanol,% ≤ 0.0010
Chromaticity(in Hazen) (Pt-Co),≤ 5
Iron (as Fe)(mg/kg), ≤ 0.050
Acidity(as formic acid),% ≤ 0.0010
Alkalinity(as dimethylamine),% ≤ 0.0010
PH value (25ºC,20% aqueous solution) 6.5~8.0
Conductivity(25ºC)us/cm ≤ 2


Production Description

Dimethylformamide (DMF) is a colorless transparent high boiling point liquid with a light amine flavor. It is miscible with water and most organic solvents. It is a common solvent for chemical reactions. Pure dimethylformamide has no smell, but industrial grade or deteriorated dimethylformamide has fishy smell. Dimethylformamide is a good nonprotic polar solvent, which can dissolve most organic and inorganic substances.



  • Used as good solvents on a variety of polymers such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, pan, polyamide, etc. It can be used for acrylic fiber and other synthetic fibers of wet spinning, polyurethane synthesis;
  • Used in the plastic film;
  • Used for catalysts for chemical reactions;
  • Used as a gas absorber for separation and purification of gases in petrochemical industry.
  • Used to remove paint; it can also dissolve some of the low solubility of the pigment, so that the characteristics of dyes with dyes;
  • Used in pesticide industry. It can be used for synthesis of iodine amine pyrimidine, doxycycline, cortisone, vitamin B6,antitumor ammonia acid, furosemide fluorouracil, bile dimension he, etc.


Packaging & Shipping

  • 190kg/drum,80drums, 15.2mt/20’fcl;
  • 22.5mt/iso tank;



Q: What is yourpayment terms?
A: T/T and L/C.

Q: What is yourminimum order quantity?
A: 20’FCL container.

Q: Which kind of package do you have?
A: Iron drums, IBC Drums, FlexiTank, ISO TANK and bags,

Q: How can I get samples?
A: We provide you samples for free, but you have to bear the expense of the courier charges.

Q: How long is your delivery?
A: Within 12 days after receiving the T/T deposit or L/C original.