Chemicals News

In order to accurately prevent and control major safety risks of hazardous chemicals and effectively improve the safety risk management and control ability of butadiene enterprises, the emergency management department recently organized experts to provide expert guidance services to more than 40 enterprises in 7 provinces where butadiene enterprises are relatively concentrated, and urged the local authorities to order 9 enterprises that do not meet the conditions for safe production to stop production and rectify according to law, thus eliminating a number of potential safety risks in a timely manner.


This work is another improvement measure for safety production in high-risk subdivisions of hazardous chemicals after the guidance services of experts from nitrification, phosgene, silicone polysilicon, fluorination and styrene enterprises. Through the guidance and service work, we found out the current situation of safety production in butadiene enterprises, deeply diagnosed and analyzed the prominent problems such as the low level of intrinsic safety design, the low degree of automation control, the insufficient identification of safety risks in key links, the unqualified professional quality of employees, and the weak foundation of safety management, which effectively promoted the implementation of the main responsibility of safety production in enterprises and the strict supervision and law enforcement of local emergency management departments, It has played a positive role in effectively controlling major safety risks of butadiene enterprises and preventing and containing accidents.


Next, the emergency management department will supervise the rectification of problems and hidden dangers, seriously deal with common problems of enterprises and prominent problems in key areas, and timely organize “looking back” to ensure the closed loop of rectification; Organize and carry out feedback exchange training sessions to promote technical exchange and training; Research and improve the technical specifications for safety risk prevention and control of butadiene enterprises, form a long-term mechanism, further improve the intrinsic safety level, and promote the safe and high-quality development of butadiene enterprises.